Weathering the Storm

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Tackling the wind, rain and snow during these challenging winter months is hard on all of us but especially on those providing a maintenance and service job function. Calls escalate as adverse conditions challenge even the most robust machines. Meanwhile, in the food and beverage industry, seasonal demand puts additional strain on operations. With a peak at Christmas in almost everything from turkeys to prosecco through to spring lambs and chocolate eggs in March and April. Both machinery and personnel are tested.

Older compressor stations often operate inefficiently due to lack of master controls and this means that there can be frequent downtime during which electrical energy is consumed without the desired compressed air being produced. But the team at BOGE were the first to recognise this problem and solve it!

Whilst warranty might give you piece of mind that you are covered when machines do breakdown, prevention is often better than cure so monitoring and servicing your air compressors is a proactive way to ensure that production avoids any downtime. At BOGE, airstatus, a remote monitoring tool, alerts you to faults and gives you access to real-time data queries which you can view online. It acts as a secure data store and affords you the opportunity to view this data from anywhere in the world via the BOGE app on your smartphone or tablet.

By monitoring and using master controls for multiple air compressors you also make your air production more efficient especially when speed-regulated compressors are integrated into the network. We can then ensure that your machines are serviced before the inevitable happens with BOGE Bestcair Maintenance package.

Extreme conditions shouldn’t impact your machines, but stressed machines will test your operation and it’s hard to predict when technology will fail. BOGE knows this and we have you covered. BOGE has the expertise to maintain and service all makes of compressors, dryers and ancillary equipment and provide 24/7 backup.