Maintaining your compressor performance this summer

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We all know that the wet and winter months can affect compressors and their performance, from corrosion to excessive electrical usage but what do the summer months mean for your compressor performance? 

Hot and humid weather has the potential to cause havoc on compressor’s system performance. A compressor’s optimal operational temperatures are between 5- 40°C. Whilst this sounds relatively easy for a country such as the UK, with the ambient temperature reaching 30°C, the location of your compressor in the production plant is key.  Production plants, particularly in summer months can often exceed 40°C. Hot air produces a higher moisture content than cold air and your compressor responds to this by producing condensation.   

However, condensation is a major problem for compressor performance. Condensation impacts the performance of a compressor and its parts, as well as pneumatic tools.  This results in excess moisturise and contamination in the air supply.   Any moisture in the air will destroy lubrication in air tools which leads to reduced performance and an increased need for maintenance.  It will also cause rust to develop within the pipes causing further damage to compressors.  Filtration systems and air dryers will have to increase their energy output in order to provide clean dry air or could cease to work properly if there is a build-up of condensation.  

How to remove condensation  

Condensation is not only a problem for compressors, but did you know that the by-products it produces are also subject to environmental laws? 

In non-oil free compressors, oil is used for lubrication in the process of compressing air and minuscule amounts can be present in compressed air output. This is officially classed as waste oil, meaning it cannot be allowed in any sewage systems due to contamination.  

Maintenance and tips  

Nobody likes strenuous work during humid weather, least of all your compressor and that’s why we have complied some top tips for your best compressor performance this summer.  

When properly maintained, an air compressor should be your unsung hero in the production processes.  Weather prediction and production plans go a long way in helping you prepare for the summer months.  Here at BOGE, we are experts in this field, thanks to our Predictivecair you will have optimal performance with minimal downtime with any of our products. Predictivecair is specialist software that will predict your compressors running behaviour based on continuous data analysis, minimising the risk of failure.  


  1. Proper Ventilation - correct air flow is important for not only your compressor but also air and oil filters. Excess exposure to moisture can inhibit filtration, which in industries that require class 0, can be problematic. 
  1. Clean condensers - a clean condenser is essential in guaranteeing it operates at its highest rated capacity.   
  1. Drains - more sun (we hope) means more humidity in the air and therefore more condensation needs to be removed from drains. Drains will need to be prepared for the extra flow.  


To maintain energy efficiency and keep your summer fun, you should prepare your compressor for the seasonal changes at least twice a year. While you can’t control the weather, you can control unscheduled downtime and your compressor performance with our help.