Happy Birthday BOGE! 

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 Celebrating 111 years of intelligent engineering and innovation  

Leading compressor manufacturer, BOGE Compressors Ltd, is celebrating its 111th birthday, with staff from 18 countries around the world taking time to mark the impressive milestone in industrial excellence for the German founded business. 

From Huddersfield to its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, BOGE remains as innovative, fresh and young as ever with a turnover.  

BOGE’s longevity in the industry has been due to its ability to innovate, reinvent and pursue technological excellence in manufacturing.  From the very first piston compressors developed by Otto Boge in 1907, BOGE has been a pioneer of compressed air technology encouraging entrepreneurs and creativity and now has over 850 employees worldwide. It’s this very practice that has given rise to the ground-breaking technologies for which it is known including the latest technology advances with the High-Speed Turbo. 

With its roots in Germany, the revolutionary way in which BOGE implements ideas has spread far beyond that, with BOGE UK nominated as finalists in three categories in the British “2018 Motion Control Industry Awards” this year.  

Peter Murphy, a Senior Service Engineer with 30 years’ service, said:  “By adapting to the demands of an increasingly technological world, BOGE has been able to continuously innovate in order to meet customer productivity and I am proud to have seen the company adapt and grow over the years.”  

Mark Whitmore, General Manager of BOGE UK believes nothing is too unrealistic or too daring. 

He said: “We continue to inspire our customers and employees as we strive to develop and innovate with ground-breaking products and services. The worldwide team and the immense support and investment means that we can continue to lead the way for many years to come.”